We deliver vaccines in the world’s most remote communities.
Cowtribe is pioneering cutting edge technology and logistics systems to deliver vaccines to last mile farmers in Africa. We strive to dramatically increase animal vaccination rates in underserved communities to help farmers lose less of their precious animals. We envision a world where technology can give every farmer a chance to climb out of poverty.

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What is Cowtribe?
Cowtribe is a technology company based in Ghana. Founded in 2016 the company provide on-demand and subscription based animal vaccine delivery services to last mile farmers in Ghana.
Is it possible?
Absolutely! Cowtribe’s pioneering innovation makes last mile delivery possible! At the heart of our delivery solution is a unique cloud based logistics management system which allows us to deliver vaccines services to farmers anywhere and anytime. Our system allows us to track the health statistics of each animal, remind the farmer when it is time for his animals to receive services, and then facilitate all the logistics and supply processes to reliably deliver these vaccines to the farmer.
Why vaccines?
Because vaccines save lives. Like humans beings, animals also require a number of vaccinations to protect them against life-threatening and untreatable conditions. For the millions of poor farmers in Africa who depend on livestock, we believe this is a big deal. For every US$ 1 spent on animal vaccine, more than US$100 is saved in treatment cost, lost productivity and potential mortality. By extending the full benefits of vaccines to all regions therefore, we ease the burden of these diseases on millions of poor families in Africa.
Why work on this?
Two-third of the world’s 700 million poor depend on livestock as their main source of food and income. Livestock provides poor families with up to half their income and 6-35% of their protein intake. However according to the OIE world production of food animals is reduced by more than 30% due to outbreaks of diseases that can be prevented with simple vaccines. While tremendous investments have been made to access to animal health services in Africa, barriers to delivering these services remain a significant challenge, especially in the most rural and remote communities. The veterinary delivery systems simply don’t have the capacity to effectively respond to demand through to the last mile – where care is delivered.
What has been the impact so far?
In less than 18 months we have already served over 29 thousand farmers in 119 communities in Ghana. Mortality rates are reducing in Cowtribe communities and our farmers are happier now because when they wake up in the morning they no longer worry about where to get vaccines for their animals. We fixed that problem for them! Even more with the vaccine protecting their animals against the diseases, Farmers now have reliable source of income. They are now able to buy food, medicine, uniforms and books for their children. We are helping poor families climb out poverty in a sustainable manner.

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