When the raining season sets in rural Ghana, most households would need fertilizer, seeds, and crop protection chemicals to crop their field. The would also need vaccines, medications, and feed for their livestock and the source of these inputs are small retailers commonly referred to as Agrovets. In rural areas of Ghana over 95% of farmers rely on small retailers to bring them these inputs and despite their importance, most of them routinely stock out of critical products and smallholder farmers struggle to secure regular access to appropriate, high quality, affordable animal health inputs

Here at Cowtribe, we have always been looking for new ways to empower existing retailers to bring other services to our farmers. Which is why we built Zhulia! And you might be wondering, what does Zhulia do?

Zhulia is a simple ERP system built for rural agrovets. Zhulia comes in two modules; a POS application that can be installed on any smartphone to support in-shop sales and a Retail Manager App that allows shop owners to manage inventory, sales, and finance and order medications, feed, and other supplies directly from distributors and manufacturers with just a tap of a button.

Think of Zhulia like a personal assistant that knows everything about your shop and helps you run it. For instance, Zhulia does cool things like sending reminders before you are run out of stock and with just a touch of a button, restock products.  It also sends you reminders when some products are about to expire.

With extra features such as reports and analytics, Agrovets can also generate reports about the sales they have made. This will also enable them to see trends such as which of their products are fast moving and which products are in demand during certain periods. 

Today we launched Zhulia. With about 100 participants ranging from agrovets to other stakeholders in the Agricultural industry in attendance, we were able to show in real time how Zhulia works. We are transforming the way Agrovets do business and we couldn’t be more excited. With their input we will continue to make the platform better and more suited to their needs. Look out for more updates as we add features like an integrated payment system.