How did we get here and Where are we going ?

At Cowtribe, we see life as a journey, not a destination. The path of life leads us on a journey of constant changes and challenges; A journey dotted with moments when we need to take the first step by trying new things and other moments when we need to stand up for what we believe in. This is drawn from our logo mark which has the footprint of a cow and represents our journey. 

We believe that each of us will leave a mark on the face of the earth and the footprint represents our impact and influence on the lives of people.

We started our journey as a solution to a problem. Livestock Farmers in Ghana especially those in the rural areas were losing a significant amount of their livestock due to a lack of vaccines and other veterinary services. Considering most of these farmers depend on livestock income outside of harvest season, this meant losing a big portion of their livelihood. Our focus was to prevent livestock farmers from losing anymore of their income due to lack of access to vaccines and other health services they needed.

Since 2017, we have been on a mission to achieve this goal and have come a long way. Our strategy was a simple one – Deliver Affordable and quality animal health to where it is needed most. 

And we have achieved this milestone by:

Firstly educating Livestock Farmers on the importance of vaccination and other veterinary care services. We have ensured that this education is done in the Farmer’s local language thereby stimulating demand for these services

We then made access to these vaccines easy and convenient. Our agents visit the farmers and using our Mobile App, they take the relevant data from the farmers to map out which vaccines they need as well as when they need it.  At a very low cost and on a subscription basis, we put the farmers first and ensure that our services are affordable. 

Over the past 3 years, guided by our mission of leveraging the power of technology to ensure that life-saving animal vaccines and preventive veterinary care are accessible and affordable to farmers at the very last mile throughout Africa, we have provided our service to 30,000 Farmers in Ghana.

However, keeping up with our mission and moving forward as a Startup means expanding our Strategy to meet our dynamic goals. The next path on our journey is extending our services throughout Africa and this is guided by one main goal – Reaching 200,000 new farmers. We want to reach every farmer in every last mile across Africa and we are starting with 200,000.

In order to achieve this, we have divided this next step in to 2 parts:

The first step, Phase One as we like to call it, is focused on coming into our own as a Startup. We have achieved so much since we started yet we have barely scratched the surface of our goals. The goal of Phase One is to register 50,000 new farmers by the end of 2020. We want to move into new districts whilst improving the services we provide in the regions we already exist in.

The second step also known as Phase Two is to scale beyond Ghana. We are doing this by focusing on building brand awareness and a solid corporate structure.

We have big plans and are aware of the challenges that come with executing them. We have come a long way as a startup by thinking big and pushing the envelope. Drawing inspiration from our logo, we are determined to leave big imprints behind as we change the face of animal healthcare delivery in Africa. Our journey is one that is constantly evolving, and yes we have a lot of work to do but we are excited about this next phase in our journey and can’t wait to see the end results.

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