Why We Started Cowtribe

For so long, most farmers in rural areas in Ghana lost a lot of their livestock due to diseases. Diseases that could have been prevented through vaccinations. Think of waking up one morning to the discovery that there is an outbreak and the only way out is for all your livestock to be killed. For most of these farmers, their entire income depended on their livestock so to lose everything in one swoop meant a loss of their livelihood and as such living in perpetual poverty. Such was the reality for most livestock farmers especially those in the rural parts of Ghana. 

Cowtribe’s Founders, Peter Awin and Alima Bawa were no strangers to this reality.

Born and raised in the remote town of Bawku in the Upper East Region, where dwellers are predominantly into livestock rearing and crop production, a young ambitious Peter was privy to the high mortality rate of livestock owned by very poor farmers whose lives solely depended on these livestock. To Peter, the death of one animal is a big loss and is as painful as the death of a human being. He was therefore challenged to ensure that he combed every part of earth to discover a solution to the problem of livestock mortality and to ensure that these animals are healthy enough to generate comesarate incomes to these farmers.

Alima Bawa, having had similar experiences growing up in the Northern part of Ghana was also on a mission to find a solution to livestock mortality and break the chain of poverty. Bonded by the shared experience of poverty due to the lack of a stable source of income, they decided to create a solution to the problem.

Thus started Cowtribe – At its core Cowtribe seeks to ensure that poverty does not remain the reality of livestock farmers in the rural parts of Ghana. The solution to this problem was to provide quality and affordable animal health services to farmers no matter where they are in Ghana. By using technology, Cowtribe has made it convenient and very affordable for livestock farmers in even the most remote areas to get the quality vaccines and other veterinary services they need.

Cowtribe’s mission to deliver lifesaving animal vaccines and other veterinary services to where they are needed most solves a big problem. Yes

But more than that,

Cowtribe is driven by passion, we have lived through these problems. We have been the last mile farmers without access to veterinary services and lost our livelihood. We know what it feels like to not get the best animal health due to economic disadvantages and distance from these services. As such we are committed to removing these barriers and making sure that Livestock Farmers do not have to wake up to an outbreak wiping out their entire source of income ever again. 

Cowtribe is bold – We are not afraid of taking leaps. We are fearless in what we do and we are not fazed by challenges. Providing a digitalized service to rural communities in Ghana requires us to think big and that is what we have done. By providing agents in all the communities we work in, we take the stress away from the farmer. 

Cowtribe inspires hope – Our farmers are now less burdened by the fear of losing their livelihood. By providing agents that support them through the entire health delivery process, they know they have someone to support them.

Cowtribe is ever evolving – We are always looking for new ways to grow. We started with providing animal vaccines and then included other veterinary services that improve animal health such as vitamins and antibiotics. We are constantly looking for better ways to provide quality animal health services. 

We are excited to bring you along our journey and can’t wait to share our triumphs as well as our challenges.

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